Celia Dubey


“It’s important to me to be a contributor in every role I play as a wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, business owner, Coach, & fellow human. The synergy of Rotary enables me to impact my local community more significantly. I take great joy in serving as the Race Director for the Tarpon Triathlon on behalf of our Rotary club which is our club’s main fundraiser. It gives me pride in the fact that as a result of our clubs’ 30 year history in organizing the triathlon that we have funded well over 100 students with full paid college tuition scholarships & have awarded well over 300 partial scholarships to students. I could never do that alone. It’s also important to me to surround myself with high quality people that will inspire and motivate me to make a difference in making this world a better place. And I certainly find those people at Rotary, who through their positive example bring out the best in me.” ~ Celia Dubey

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